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Millionaire Athletics

Williamsport Area High School


Millionaire Athletics

Williamsport Area High School

Millionaire Athletics

Williamsport Area High School

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Game Summary

1 month ago

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving vs. Lewisburg HS School

Game Date
Jan 19, 2021

Williamsport’s Jack Beattie sets pool, school record in diving competition


But you can best believe that Beattie was ecstatic at his diving results Tuesday afternoon.

Beattie not only won the event which featured fellow state qualifier Leaman (Class AA), but Beattie set both a school and pool record in the process with his final score of 289.50.

It helped Williamsport earn points as the Millionaires swept Lewisburg in swimming competition. The boys won, 111-51, and the girls won, 115-63.

“It’s really great. It was always something that I wanted to do. So having both of those really to me just means more than I could ever ask for,” Beattie said. “That’s all I really wanted this season and with all the COVID stuff going on, I just wanted some closure to know that I was doing the right thing.”

“That’s two times already (he’s on the board). That’s why we’re not changing it until he gets 300 and he says he’s gonna do it,” first-year Williamsport coach Brett Johnson said. “To have Jack as a diver, those extra points for a team that’s quite light on kids, amount of kids we have, those extra points really help.”

Beattie admitted that having Leaman dive alongside him helped push him. The Williamsport diver’s scores progressively kept getting better with each round. His first dive he scored three 6 1/2s. By the fourth dive, he was hitting consistent 7s and 8s in each round.

“For me, the majority of the time it’s ‘lets go out and have fun and be with my teammates.’ There was no pressure and that’s really when I thrive when its me having as much fun as I can knowing whatever I do, I do,” Beattie said. “(Leaman and I) both support each other, but we both want to do our best. So that was really nice to see him and go against him and watch some of the things he does different than what I do.”

Leaman took second place in the competition with a score of 231.15. Only he and Beattie scored more than 200 points.

“I think Caleb’s just one of those athletes that he wants to compete. I’m really happy that he got this opportunity to dive again this year,” Lewisburg coach Derek Updegraff said. “He had very little practice heading into this. I thought I was a little anxious heading into it, but I thought he did extremely well. I’m extremely pleased with how he did.”

Beattie also helped Williamsport’s 200 medley relay team win in 1:55.09 alongisde Cal Hockman, Nicolas Damiano and Ross Flerlage. The foursome won the event by six seconds. Beattie also was part of 200 free relay team which won in 1:41.65 alongside Hockman, Jaden Rankinen and Flerlage. The Millionaires won that even by roughly four seconds.

One of the tighter races in the afternoon was in the girls 500 free. Amy Jarvis and Lewisburg’s Delaney Humphrey — who qualified for the state meet in the 500 in Class AA last season — were lined up in neighboring lanes and went neck and neck the entire race. Both had leads throughout and it came down to 0.18 seconds as Jarvis narrowly beat her out to touch the wall.

Jarvis won in 5:38.96 — a new season best for her — and Humphrey finished in 5:39.14 to take second place.

“She did amazing, I did amazing. We really pushed each other,” Jarvis said. “She was really good, she was ahead of me and I was like àoh I got to catch her.’ I could see her going for it too. That was my best time of the season. I don’t think I would have swam that fast if she wasn’t there next to me. “

Swimming against Humphrey helped motivate and push Jarvis, especially the fact that she was directly to Jarvis’s right in the pool.

“Oh my gosh, it makes a big difference. It really, really does, especially when you’re neck and neck, it pushes you to do better. It was such a great race,” Jarvis said.

Jarvis helped Williamsport’s 200 medley and 400 free relay teams earn wins. Mallory Pardoe won two individual events as she claimed a win in the 200 free (2:03.45) and 100 fly (1:01.15). In the 200 free, Pardoe won the event by four seconds and she won the 100 fly by six. Pardoe was also part of both of the Millionaires’ winning relay teams.

“Amy has a lot of leadership. She’s one of the captains, just as Jack is for the team. Amy’s very powerful and she’s improving every meet in the 500. Today was a really good time,” Johnson said. “As for Mallory, she just improves too. She’s a hard worker, she’s very determined and dedicated to swimming and it’s showing in the times and places she’s hitting.”

“I think we’re both doing great and I think the team really pushes us to do better,” Jarvis said. “(Pardoe) did amazing in the 200 and I could see her going for it and I was like ‘go Mal, go!” It makes me really happy to see her do so good.”

Lewisburg had success from freshman Kimberly Shannon, who picked up two wins. The young swimmer won the 200 IM in 2:17.90 as she won by 13 seconds, and also claimed a victory in the 100 back. In the 100 back, she touched the wall in 1:02.05, earning a win by eight seconds.

“She’s one of the great group of freshmen we have this year. She’s a really experienced racer, works extremely hard and we’re excited to have her and looking for a lot of good things from her in the future,” Updegraff said. “She’s going to make all the swimmers around her better. She’s one of a lot of really good freshmen we have this year. I think when they see someone training that hard and having that kind of success, it just kind of breeds success.”


Williamsport 115,

Lewisburg 63

200 medley relay: Williamsport (Mallory Pardoe, Ellie Fisher, Sydney Kelley, Amy Jarvis), 1:58.46. 200 free: 1. Mallory Pardoe, W, 2:03.45; 2. Delaney Humphrey, L, 2:03.51; 3. Amy Jarvis, W, 2:08.14. 200 IM: 1. Kimberly Shannon, L, 2:17.90; 2. Isabelle Griswold, W, 2:30.61; 3. Emma Gerlinski, L, 2:32.32. 50 free: 1. Sydney Kelley, W, 26.48; 2. Jewels Hepner, 26.79; 3. Alex Decker, 26.88. 1-meter diving: 1. Adelia Engel, W, 184.30; 2. Mia Jones, W, 164.15. 100 fly: 1. Mallory Pardoe, W, 1:01.15; 2. Sydney Kelley, W, 1:07.82; 3. Jewels Hepner, L, 1:13.23. 100 free: 1. Isabelle Griswold, 58.68; 2. Emma Gerlinski, L, 59.25; 3. Molly Garrison, W, 1:05.09. 500 free: 1. Amy Jarvis, W, 5:38.96; 2. Delaney Humphrey, L, 5:39.13; 3. Cecilia Fink, 5:58.74. 200 free relay: 1. Williamsport (Elizabeth Lundy, Cecilia Fink, Ellie Fisher, Isabelle Griswold), 1:53.68. 100 back: 1. Kimberly Shannon, L, 1:02.05; 2. Laila Robertson, W, 1:10.17; 3. Maya Trump, W, 1:22.13. 100 breast: 1. Alexandra Decker, L, 1:13.97; 2. Ellie Fisher, W, 1:17.15; 3. Jayla Halstead, W, 1:25.44. 400 free relay: 1. Williamsport (Isabelle Griswold, Sydney Kelley, Amy Jarvis, Mallory Pardoe), 3:57.60.
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