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Millionaire Athletics

Williamsport Area High School


Millionaire Athletics

Williamsport Area High School

Millionaire Athletics

Williamsport Area High School

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Game Summary

1 month ago

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving vs. Jersey Shore Area HS School

Game Date
Dec 14, 2021

Williamsport sweeps Jersey Shore in swimming

DAVE KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Laila Robertson of Williamsport competes in the girls 200 IM at Williamsport High School on Tuesday.

When the season started, Williamsport coach Brett Johnson was hoping his freshmen could step up and fill the void left by some graduated, talented seniors. It may be early in the season, but Johnson likes what he’s seen so far from those younger swimmers, especially after Tuesday’s race.

Freshmen Keller Griswold and Nate Wiley each earned individual victories on the boys side, and freshman Kendall Cohick won an individual event and took second in another on the girls side. All in all, the younger swimmers helped the Millionaires sweep Jersey Shore in boys and girls swimming on Tuesday night. Williamsport’s boys team won, 103-49, and the girls won, 123-47.

“We’ve got Nate Wiley who’s a freshman, he took two firsts today, first time he ever did the 100 fly. Keller Griswold, he’s tough. He’s our top freshman and you saw his times today,” Johnson said. “He’s fast and he’s just going to improve I hope. In girls too, Kendall Brouse, Kendall Cohick. We got a lot of freshman that have stepped up for the people who have left.”

Griswold did great in his first home swim meet. He swam a 2:14.33 in the 200 IM, winning by seven seconds, and won the 10 free in 51:41, one of just two swimmers who broke a minute in the event. He won by three seconds over teammate Cal Hockman.

Wiley won the 100 fly in 1:05.29, winning by eight seconds as Jersey Shore’s Abraham Passetti finished second.


DAVE KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Kate Butzler of Jersey Shore competes in the girls 200 yard freestyle at Williamsport High School on Tuesday.

The Millionaires took first in 20 of the 24 events swam.

Cohick helped the Millionaires’ 400 relay team take first and won the 100 free while taking second in the 50 free. In the 100 free, Cohick won with a time of 1:02.11, winning the event by three seconds. She finished second in 28.00 in the 50 free behind Jersey Shore’s Reese Charney. Brouse took second in the 100 back in 1:10.38.

“I’m very happy to see the success. I just want them to realize they have to keep working to improve,” Johnson said. “Last week at the Central Columbia Invitational, there’s a lot of PRs there that we did not expect. Everybody’s swimming quite fast right now and they just have to keep improving.”

One of the best performances from Williamsport came in the girls 400 free relay as the foursome of Aubrey Glosser, Molly Garrison, Cohick and Laila Robertson won in 4:17.96, winning the event by 21 seconds.

“It’s really nice to have the depth there. It’s nice to see them win with that much advantage, but they realize there are tougher teams down the road and we won’t have that advantage,” Johnson said. “It’s good now, but those stronger teams are coming.”

DAVE KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Sydney Kelley of Williamsport competes in the 100 yard butterfly at Williamsport High School on Tuesday.

Williamsport’s Laila Robertson cruised in the 200 IM with a win in 2:38.80, winning by four seconds.

Jersey Shore had just four victories, but much like Williamsport, the Bulldogs have a lot of younger swimmers on the roster who coach Jonathan Palumbo is happy to see having early success.

“We’re super impressed with our freshman swimmers we had today. This is their first meet that they ever swam in high school and we also had some extremely brand new swimmers. … They were coming out for the first time and we thought they stepped up really well,” Palumbo said. “They were nervous today, and rightfully so. Once they got settled in and got swimming, they realized that it wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be.

“We were really impressed that they came out with the times they did and competed.”

Jersey Shore’s 200 medley relay team of Xavier Barlet, Artie Dammer, Abraham Passetti and Jason Grant won in 2:00.75. Barlet earned a win in the 100 back with a time of 1:09.13, and Dammer had a third-place finish in the 200 IM and second-place finish in the 100 breast.

DAVE KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Ellie Fisher of Williamsport competes in the 200 yard freestyle at Williamsport High School on Tuesday.

“Artie is a senior this year and also our boys team captain. I think a lot of that leadership has come onto his shoulders. he did really fantastic today being a role model for the team, especially those freshmen,” Palumbo said. “In his race as far as IM and breaststroke, not his best times ever in terms of end-of-season best times, but he’s putting really solid times in his first meet of the season, which for us, means he’s probably going to have some PRs this season.”

The tightest race of the night was the 50 free in which Dayvon Boyd just edged Jersey Shore’s Abraham Passetti by two-hundredths of a second.

Wellsboro’s Hayne Webster, swimming as an independent, did excellent in the 200 IM, finishing in 2:21.66, behind only Griswold (2:14.33) and Hockman (2:21.04).

Webster swam his best event of the night in the 100 back in 1:07.15, the only swimmer with a time better than 1:22.00 in the field.

Wellsboro’s Isabel Anderegg swam a 1:20.12 in the 100 breast.


Williamsport 123, Jersey Shore 47

200 medley relay: 1. Williamsport (Kendall Brouse, Charley Greevy, Elizabeth Lundy, Aubrey Glosser), 2:10.36. 200 free: 1. Ellie Fisher, W, 2:18.05; 2. Molly Garrison, W, 2:19.46; 3. Kate Butzler, JS, 2:20.07. 200 IM: 1. Laila Robertson, W, 2:38.80; 2. Aubrey Glosser, W, 2:42.51; 3. Madelyn Halstead, 2:48.92. 50 free: 1. Reese Charney, JS, 26.59; 2. Kendall Cohick, 28.00; 3. Sara Pecchia, 29.86. 1-meter diving: 1. Adelia Engel, W, 149.20. 100 fly: 1. Sydney Kelley, W, 1:02.79; 2. Elizabeth Lundy, W, 1:12.64. 100 free: 1. Kendall Cohick, W, 1:02.11; 2. Madelyn Halstead, W, 1:05.41; 3. Sara Pecchia, JS, 1:07.80. 500 free: 1. Aubrey Glosser, W, 6:20.28; 2. Reese Charney, JS, 6:34.43; 3. Abby Pietraski, W, 6:59.97. 200 free relay: 1. Williamsport (Sydney Kelley, Ellie Fisher, Molly Garrison, Mallory Pardoe), 1:48.52. 100 back: 1. Mallory Pardoe, W, 1:03.41; 2. Kendall Brouse, W, 1:10.38; 3. Kate Butzler, JS, 1:10.72. 100 breast: 1. Ellie Fisher, W, 1:33.94; 2. Laila Robertson, W, 1:21;49; 3. Lily Dincher, JS, 1:23.27. 400 free relay: 1. Williamsport (Aubrey Glosser, Molly Garrison, Kendall Cohick, Laila Robertson), 4:38.33.


Williamsport 103, Jersey Shore 49

200 medley relay: 1. Jersey Shore (Xavier Barlet, Artie Dammer, Abraham Passetti, Jason Grant), 2:00.75. 200 free: 1. Jett Johnson, W, 2:26.18; 2. John Shaffer, W, 2:28.39. 200 IM: 1. Keller Griswold, W, 2:14.33; 2. Cal Hockman, W, 2:21.04; 3. Artie Dammer, JS, 2:29.88. 50 free: 1. Dayvon Boyd, W, 26.11; 2. Abraham Passetti, JS, 26.13; 3. Nicolas Damiano, W, 27.43. 1-meter diving: 1. Dayvon Boyd, W, 154.85; 2. Dominick Horning, W, 142.25. 100 fly: 1. Nate Wiley, W, 1:05.29; 2. Abraham Passetti, JS, 1:13.19. 100 free: 1. Keller Griswold, W, 51.41; 2. Cal Hockman, W, 54.94; 3. John Shaffer, 1:05.32. 500 free: 1. Trevor Knarr, JS, 6:47.83. 200 free relay: 1. Williamsport (Cal Hockman, Dayvon Boyd, Jaden Rankinen, Keller Griswold), 1:33.07. 100 back: 1. Xavier Barlet, JS, 1:09.13; 2. Jett Johnson, W, 1:22.27; 3. Zack Harding, W, 1:29.48. 100 breast: 1. Nicolas Damiano, W, 1:11.49; 2. Artie Dammer, JS, 1:15.70; 3. Parker Johnson, W, 1:18.95. 400 free relay: 1. Williamsport (Brady Glosser, Jaden Rankinen, Cal Hockman, Keller Griswold), 3:50.04.