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Millionaire Athletics

Williamsport Area High School


Millionaire Athletics

Williamsport Area High School

Millionaire Athletics

Williamsport Area High School

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Game Summary

1 week ago

Boys JV/Varsity Soccer vs. Cumberland Valley HS School

Game Date
Nov 14, 2020

Wannop was amazing in loss for Williamsport

Wannop jumped high and wrangled away a ball near the crossbar. There were times he’d dive to his left or right to block a shot. There were times he’d run into a swarm of Eagles and grab a loose ball.

Cumberland Valley fans in attendance remarked how he was getting a workout against the Eagles. Wannop was definitely tested, but it wasn’t any different from any other game which the 6-foot-4 goalie plays. It’s what Williamsport coach Lee Kaar has become accustomed to seeing every game.

“He’s been like that all year and he was like that last year. We really didn’t lean on him or have to lean on him his sophomore year, but we knew his freshman and sophomore year he was going to be a stud and you saw it Saturday,” Kaar said. “He clearly had a good game, put himself in the right position, communicates well, has good punts and good goal kicks. He’s a strong kid and we’re going to miss him next year.”

Wannop and the Millionaires lost Saturday in the PIAA Class AAAA quarterfinals, 1-0, but Wannop did everything in his ability to prevent the Eagles from scoring more goals.

Cumberland Valley held a 22-2 shots-on-goal advantage and fired 34 total shots against Williamsport. There weren’t many times Wannop got to take a break.

Seven minutes into the second half, Cumberland Valley’s Daniel Erickson rifled a shot high toward the right post which Wannop read perfectly and jumped to stop. He got his fingers on the ball to slow it down and caught it before it could roll in the net or get away from him.

Three minutes later, Samuel Lundblad blasted a high shot from 15 yards out, trying to sneak it under the crossbar. The shot hit the crossbar and fell straight down. Wannop caught the ball as he fell to his back, preventing a goal.

If he wasn’t making plays like that, you’d see him diving and extending his hands to either post to block low shots or catch anything in range.

“He’s not scared to come off his line. It helps that he’s 6-4 and he’s got a solid frame on him. He’s built. So he doesn’t shy away from contact,” Kaar said. “The last two years we’ve been kind of talking to him about how he’s got to be coming through. That’s gotta be you coming out.”

It finally took a perfectly-placed header from Zach Blocher with three minutes to play in the game for Cumberland Valley to beat Wannop and the Millionaires. But Williamsport was in a position to win the game because of its senior keeper.
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